Breaking free of phobias

I can count with one hand my closest friends & Cagri Cankaya is one of them. He really pushes me to do more adventure travel - so I had one goal in Turkey: Break free of my worst phobia, yes! - "Heights". I was determined to go on a hot air balloon. During my 3 week visit we traveled together to Izmir, Cesme & Cappadocia to make this wonderful experience come true.

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A good friend knows all your stories - A best friend has lived them with you!

Thank you Cagri Cankaya

No room for fear

Many spots we filmed in Cappadocia involved walking along dangerous cliffs - Being honest, it was horrifying! I had to push my fears aside & focus on making this film happen... so luckily there's stabilizing tools in post-production, because a lot of my footage was very shaky! The music selection came along the lines of the momentum of my trip, that meant it started slowly across the relaxing coasts then moves into a fun rush of adrenaline at 2,000 ft above the air in a hot air balloon.

Behind the Scenes

Capturing the essence of Turkish culture & lifestyle outside of Istanbul was simply mind blowing!


Virgin coasts & cuisine

If you have traveled to Turkey, you know how incredibly amazing their cuisine is. I had to opportunity to taste some of the most delicious food in the world - hands down! Along the coasts of Cesme, we explored some of the clearest waters I have ever seen. We take for granted this planet seriously... the beauty of this planet keeps surprising me.

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Beyond Istanbul


Adobe Premiere

After Effects

Lumetri Color

Music Selection

In this shirt – Royskopp Remix by The Irrepressibles

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Gear Used

Panasonic Gh4

Lumix 20mm 1.7 & 175mm 4.0

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