An Unexpected Journey

My lovely friend Oksana & I were training to go to Nepal's basecamp until a devastating earthquake destroyed everything a week before our flight. In turn of these harsh events we changed our travel itinerary & sailed across the coasts of Italy for 15 days. This film was shot across Procida, Ischia, Capri, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Naples & Matera.

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The scenery of these Italian coastlines made me feel completely Lost & Free.


Winds of Italy

Last year I split my footage in 3 films - "Air, Water & Earth". But I needed a way to combine all 3 since they didn't get much attention. So quick simple shots of landscape, people & food was paramount, I tried to have all these elements fused together by a series of fluid transitions using wind sound & textures. This trip went by fast so I wanted to keep my audience engaged. Let me take you on this beautiful journey.

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The most challenging edit I've done yet. Over 5,000 hours of footage, countless iterations & long nights!

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Our need to meditate

I've never been on a boat for so many days in a row - It was exciting! Away from internet & drifting towards new horizons reminded me how badly we’ve lost our need to meditate. I pondered about my future, what I wanted to do – and during this trip I realized I didn’t want to ever stop traveling. A new world adventure was waiting just around the corner.

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A Glimpse of Italian Winds


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Lumetri Color

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Pioneer by Ryan Taubert

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Panasonic Gh4

Lumix 20mm 1.7 & 175mm 4.0

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