A journey across Rajasthan

India was chosen by my friends — it won over South Africa by a lot of votes. I was thrilled but scared ... Once I booked my flight, there was no turning back! I spent a whole week planning my trip in Delhi first. Then, I managed to find a private driver to take me across Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur & Jaisalmer for the following 3 weeks. Thanks to my friendly driver, I had the chance to explore many hidden spots along the way, including the "Sun" Temple in Jaipur, where I met these Hindu devotees willing to pose for my film "Land of Kings."

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Making this film has truly changed the way I shoot. Focusing on the story rather than the technical details.


Every corner I stumbled upon had a great story to tell

India is incredibly beautiful; almost every corner I stumbled upon had a great story to tell. The warm people from Jodhpur, the colorful faces of Jaipur, and the humble villages of Jaisalmer are what made this film so powerful and culturally rich. I felt so humbled visiting each of these small cities and grasping their way of life. It was a magical life experience.

The blue city of Jodhpur left me with incredible memories & human bonds.


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Davinci Resolve 12

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Ra Rakumara by Chinmayee

Traveller by Talvis Singh

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