A Native American Journey!

This 25th of August the National Park Service celebrates 100 years! In honor of this, I've prepared this magical Native American inspired journey across 10,000 miles through the U.S. Come join me on this magical journey through Parklands.

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I captured the most bizarre alien landscape you could ever imagine!

Goblin Valley & Fantasy Canyon

Enduring extreme conditions

The struggle of feeling completely alone in some of the most remote areas made me think how much passion I really had to have in order to keep going. I endured tough weather conditions, from extreme altitude sickness to extreme cold and insane heat strokes. I camped most of my time in totally remote / non-camping zones in order to capture these beautiful moments.

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Filmmaker traveled 10,000 miles across the US to capture the most beautiful landscapes our country has to offer.

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Spiritual encounters

Standing alone deep in a remote area & have your only flashlight die on you, quickly turns your heart pounding. Unsettling but a rewarding experience, if you listen carefully the silence is beautiful! I no longer felt alone when chasing the milky way was as easy as looking up to the sky! Gliding slowly gave me chills & the energy to continue on this uncertain journey all by myself.

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Parklands by Hiatus ( ft Kirtanayas )

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