My first story-based film

Year Zero was my first fully planned, story-based film. Due to a lack of time, it does not have a narrative, so it ended up being a musical film. During my 30-day visit to Egypt, I had one goal: To make a completely different type of film, not just a random compilation. I drew a storyboard and gave roles to my friends, who kindly helped me. Shots were taken in Cairo, the Red Sea, and the White Desert.

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The film was planned, shot, edited, and graded all in a period of 30 days.

Fun Film Fact

A sandstorm & earthquake sparked the story!

What inspired me to make this a story-based travel film was experiencing an incredible sandstorm during my visit to the Pyramids of Giza. Following the sandstorm, a 6.8 earthquake hit Cairo, making things terrifying! I knew it was worth playing with a story, perhaps about spiritual rebirth or the end of days. It all evolved from there, and I got my local friends to help make it all happen! I never felt so motivated to make a film; it was pure team work!

Behind the Scenes

The idea of children playing under such harsh conditions, yet willing to smile for the camera, was #priceless


The art of improvising

Although the story was planned, I had no clue how the footage would end up. I traveled light and depended solely on natural light. I used my instincts and improvised with what I had at my disposal, and there was usually no time to really think how you want to shoot something. Instead, I tried to follow my gut and found those special moments to observe light and compose my shots in the best possible way.

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Year Zero


Adobe Premiere & FX

FilmConvert & Lumetri

Music Selection

La lune rousse by Fakear, Deva Premal

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Gear Used

Panasonic Gh4

Lumix 20mm 1.7 – 175mm 4.0

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